Friday, 3 January 2014

Needle felted pin cushion

After needle felting my abstract picture I kept loosing/misplacing my felting needles.  I do have a nice little case for them, but often it's effort to locate and open it!  I realised I needed a pin cushion and decided I wanted to needle felt one.  I browsed the internet for inspiration, there were several pin cushions that were animal's but to be honest I would struggle to stick a pins in a cute animal, I even have trouble needle felting them, especially the eyes! hahaha.  The following pin cushions gave me inspiration for my eventual piece.

I loved all the above idea's.  I liked the idea of a pin cushion in something like a cup or pot.  Unfortunately I did not have any pretty cups left as I had made candles in all of them for Christmas presents, so I found a small terracotta plant pot.  I liked the idea of a little scene like the ones with the rabbits etc, so this was the result:-

A little dinky scene with a little cottage with flowers, trees and a river at the back.  I love it, and had lots of fun making it :)


Raewyn said...

wow, needle felting is something I've always thought it would be fun to try - but haven't. Your work is gorgeous... that is one cute pin cushion! And I love the little critters you did a few posts back!

Tilly Mint said...

Thanks Raewyn, it is something I really enjoy doing, very relaxing I would recommend it to anyone :)