Sunday, 24 October 2010

Constant companion must be included too!

Whilst I am decorating my dolls house it has been placed on the table in the kitchen. Obviously this is too new and wonderous a thing for my constant companion Holly to resist.

I wanted to re-create a freize effect in the dolls house bedroom, so I started to have a look at what I had in the house. I had some wallpaper that I had bought for the dolls house, but had discarded as I thought the pattern was too large. After having another look at it, I decided that I could use it as a freize if I cut the design out.

I cut some pink card to fit above the wallpaper already on the wall, and then stuck the cut out motif's onto it, and this is the result.

I then pasted the card onto the wall. When the cornice and the picture rail goes up, I think it will give the desired effect.

Inspirations for dolls house decoration

Dolls house bedroom

I decided to concentrate on one room at a time in the dolls house. I am doing a bedroom for the lady of the house, in feminine pinks and greens. I want to be fairly true to the Victorian era, but I am not going to be too fussy about it. As long as it looks Victorianish I am happy. I don't think I would enjoy it as much if I was trying to be too strict with it. A bit of artistic licence is fine, as at the end of the day it is a dolls house not a scaled building!

The wall paper I used for this room is small pink flowers on a green background. This is actual wallpaper and not a specialist doll house scale wallpaper. Therefore it is thicker and easier to put into place. I am using a tub of border adhesive to paste it on.

Once the base paper was up, I turned my mind to the freize that would be up above the picture rail. I searched for some idea's and here are some of the ones that I found.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Head band

I noticed that these headbands were all in at the moment and had my usual 'Oh I can make one of them moments'. This is the result. I put a button on the headband so that Kirstie can change the flowers according to what colour she is wearing.

Crocheted beret

I am getting a lot quicker at knocking up these berets, I can complete one in a leisurely evening. This one I made for my daughter, it has stretched slightly so I have taken it back off her to tighten it up for her.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dolls House refurbishment cont... 2

I have papered two of the rooms. The nursery and the females bedroom.

Dolls House refurbishment cont...

I have sized some of the rooms inside the house, prior to wall papering. I am still not quite sure which rooms I am doing. I think we are having kitchen and scullery on the bottom. Drawing room and dining room on the next floor. Mother and fathers bedrooms on the floor above and then nursery and maids room on the top floor. This may change as I work lol.

I did manage to find this house on the internet and I can buy a basement to go with it, so I may wait to do the kitchen, we will have to wait and see.

Dolls House refurbishment

Well I have finally got round to asking my husband to put my dolls house onto the table so I can start decorating it after three years!
I bought this dolls house from a flea market years ago, part finished and part furnished.

It is a large house, and although it is a Georgian style house, I am planning to decorate it in Victorian style then I can cram it full of little items :)

There is some damage that needs repairing. One of the pillars outside the front door has been knocked off and unfortunately one of the windows has been broken. Also some of the stairway has been broken and will need replacing. Other than that, the house is in fairly good nick, just needs decorating.