Monday, 22 February 2010

My constant companion

This is my constant crafting companion. She is constantly inquisitive. Loves nothing more than helping me with my tension whilst crocheting by hanging onto my wool with her claws as I try to work. Her name is Holly, she adopted us the week before Christmas hence her name. I found her cold and hungry showed her some kindness and she has chosen to stay with us. She is a lovely cat, but I spend a lot of time lately removing black hairs from my work. As you can see from the picture she is not choosy where she lies as long as it is near to where I am sitting!


Anonymous said...

Your crochet companion sounds a lot like mine! Mine is named Missy (short for Mischief) and I rescued her from a shelter in mid January. She also prefers to be on my lap but sometimes settles for the granny square cat mat I made her.


Tilly Mint said...

Lol maybe I should try knitting her a granny square mat then she may stay off my work :D