Monday, 30 December 2013

Crazy about needle felting.

I discovered needle felting this summer. I absolutely love it so relaxing.  I really wanted a needle felt penguin first.  There are many good needle felting tutorials out there on youtube.  I just did a search for needle felt penguin and got some ideas.  I bought my needles and first lot of wool off ebay.  You need wool tops or roving for needle felting, however my penguins beak is made from scrunched up wool yarn as I did not have that colour.  I am well pleased with him for my first attempt and he is really cute.

For my second attempt I decided to keep it simple shape wise, but with a bit more detail and blended wool.  Therefore I made this needle felt owl.  I didn't have to look up ideas for a needle felt owl as once I get the idea of something I am off.  This is a lovely little fellow and they feel so good in your hand being made out of pure wool.

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