Monday, 1 March 2010

Who says crocheting is for old people

I get a lot of stick from my offspring for turning into a granny with all the crafting I do. This picture is of my unofficial daughter in law Kelly and I working on our Gedifra scarfs. Kelly is a 20 year old University Student studying Textiles at Manchester. I am currently showing her how to crochet and the scarf was a good starting point as by the end of it she will definately have the hang of how to hold her hook and wool lol. She thinks my crafting is amazing and apparently this blog features in her University Work log. So there someone thinks I am cool haha


JamieLynn said...

I've been dealing with people saying "that's for old people" about a lot of things I do. I'm 24, I've been into crafts my entire life.

Tilly Mint said...

Yes people do seem to have a fixed image of people that craft in anyway. Knitting/crocheting especially regardless of what your making even if its a cover for a Nintendo DS lol